Promoting Educational and Clinical Activities

The Western world led by United States has made dramatic strides in Medical and Mental health care, prevention and treatment.

While the allopathic medicine can palliate the symptoms of many illnesses, the cause and the cure remain elusive. The East led by India offers the ancient wisdom and healing traditions that attend not only to the body and the mind but also the soul and the spiritual dimension of health, healing and wholeness. This compensates for the lopsidedness of the Western medical and mental health healing practices. However, for a long time, we were missing a bridge between these two frameworks to communicate and collaborate. Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung’s discoveries in Analytical Psychology finally offer a bridge and a common language between these two universes.

The USA India Jung Foundation will promote educational and clinical activities in India and USA based on the principals of Carl Jung's analytical psychology and Eastern spiritual and healing wisdom and traditions. It will foster clinical, medical, and educational exchange between professionals of the United States and India. These activities will include educational activities directed both to professional and lay organizations in both countries to promote mental health education and prevention activities based on principals of analytical psychology and Eastern Spirituality. Read more >>

Board of Directors

Ashok Bedi MD, President
Usha Bedi, Vice-President
Siddhartha Bedi, Treasurer
Dinshah Gagrat MD, Board Member
Ajit Divgi MD, Board Member
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